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At Wattle Park Dental

One of our passions is to enhance and transform patient smiles.

We love seeing the positive effect and confidence it has on their lives.

The smile she has been waiting for!

Our patient Karima wanted an upgrade of her old veneers. She did not like how the shapes & colour of her teeth and the gum levels did not match. To ensure the gum levels were levelled out properly Dr. Reina employed braces to meticulously align Karima’s bite before crafting a new smile that addressed her misshapen and misaligned oral structures, while also broadening her smile. Karima had 10 porcelain crowns and veneers placed and we took the opportunity to brighten her smile. She is absolutely thrilled with the result.

A new front tooth and an upgrade of her smile!

This patient came to us with a fractured front tooth, impacting her confidence and ability to smile. The tooth unfortunately could not be saved so Dr Marvin helped replace the front tooth with an implant. The front four teeth were restored with 3 porcelain crowns and a resin veneer to match. The patient is so happy to be able to smile again!

A smile reconstruction.

Our patient Geordie sought Dr. Marvin’s expertise due to concerns about his dental health. He experienced frequent chipping and perceived weakness in his smile. Fortunately, Dr. Marvin successfully preserved all of Geordie’s natural teeth, preventing the need for extractions. Dr Marvin had to plan out how much tooth to add back and ensure proper engineering of the bite so that the restorations planned would look good, feel comfortable and last a long time. 8 porcelain restorations were crafted and we think the results speak for themselves!

No more gaps and no more small teeth.

The patient desired a broader smile and to address the gaps between their teeth. While orthodontics was an option, Dr. Reina recognised the potential for a narrowed smile due to the patient’s existing tooth size. Instead, Dr. Reina employed conservative resin veneers to strategically enhance the width of the teeth, preserving the patient’s naturally broad smile and achieving a natural-looking result without any alterations to the underlying teeth.

Replacing old and chipped veneers.

Alyssa’s old resin veneers were stained and chipping. Dr Reina removed these existing resin veneers on her lateral incisors and replaced them with new ones. A simple upgrade can really make a big difference and Alyssa is back to smiling confidently.

Rebuilding worn teeth for a more youthful smile.

This patient was unhappy with the aesthetics of her smile. The colour, spacing, and chipped, worn edges of her front teeth were her primary concerns. Our experienced dentist at Surrey Hills addressed all her concerns through a minimally invasive technique. Using conservative resin veneers, she restored the length, colour, and shape of the patient’s teeth, leaving her thrilled with the outcome!

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